Robo Falcon

  • Security

    The security of your capital and account is very important to us, so we have chosen the safest way to create an API

  • Interface

    No need for any hardware system or platform, simply manage the trading bot through Telegram

  • Instant report

    The Trade history is always available, and you can also receive real-time Trade notifications from Telegram

  • Support 24/7

    Roboland support is online and ready to answer 24 hours a day, even on holidays

Baby Falcon

Baby Falcon is a public and free version of RoboFalcon robot, which does not have automatic trading and automatic buying and selling of currencies. And this robot will simply share the analysis and trading opportunities identified by RoboFalcon with you through a Telegram channel.

All the details necessary to enter the transaction, such as the range of entry into the transaction, targets and stops, as well as the amount of risk and capital management, will be sent to the user, and you can use these analyzes for transactions in all valid exchanges.

Robo Falcon Chart

In which exchanges can this robot be used?
Roboland scalper bot is currently only available for BingX exchange.
How much of capital will be involved in each position?

In each position, 3% of the capital will be involved with variable leverage relative to risk of the currency.

How much profit can we expect?

The profitability of this robot varies depending on the market conditions and so far it has been between 20 and 70% per month.

What is the minimum capital to use this bot?

There is no defined minimum capital for using this bot, and this depends entirely on the personal opinion and risk tolerance of each person. But you should keep in mind that the most important principle in any investment is the amount of profit compared to the capital. Considering the subscription fee you pay to use the bot and considering the profitability of the bot, it can be said that using this bot for a capital of less than 500 dollars is not recommended.