Roboland Bots

Robo Falcon
1 Month
100 USDT


Robo Phoenix
1 Month
330 USDT


Robo Phoenix Plus
1 Month
550 USDT

Features Robo Falcon Robo Phoenix Robo Phoenix Plus
Minimum Capital required 500 Usdt 1000 Usdt 1000 Usdt
Maximum Capital Allowed Up to 16000 USDT Up to 5200 USDT Up to 7200 USDT
Supported Exchanges BingX Binance Binance
Estimated Profit 20-70 percent in one month 40-80 percent in one month 40-100 percent in one month
Immediate trade via notification
Type of trade Low Risk Martingale (High Risk) Martingale (High Risk)
Strategy Type Swing Buy/Sell - Scalp Scalp Buy Scalp Buy
Compounding interest option
Self-stop on negative fundamentals
Self-stop at market crashes
Infrastructure Shared Dedicated with medium hardware Dedicated with advance hardware

How do our bots work?

The general algorithm of Roboland trader bots is based on data analysis and behavior of currencies and does not use any indicators or oscillators or other technical analysis tools. They analyze all the currencies in the perpetual market continuously, and whenever they identify an opportunity based on the specified algorithm, they immediately enter the position.

Based on data analysis and behavior of different currencies, strong and stable supports of perpetual market get identified. The task of the trader bot is to open a scalp long position on these strong and reliable supports when the price falls.

If the price drop is a bit heavy and this support is lost, a step is bought again on the next support. In this way, according to the Martingale strategy, the average purchase price decreases so that the probability of success of the position increases even with a price drop.

It is worth noting that this bot can reduce the average purchase price by 5 steps with Martingale strategy to save the position from loss.