The Robo V.I.P Service, empowered by the most advanced infrastructures and the cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology of Roboland, opens up investment opportunities up to $20,000 for you.

This bot takes only Scalp Long positions, but compared to the Phoenix bots, it identifies more optimal and precise buying points. Consequently, larger capitals face lower risks and achieve higher returns.

The sensitivities associated with the trading of large capitals have prompted us to employ strong and reliable infrastructures for the least delay and the highest stability and deployment.

In which exchanges is this robot operational?

Currently, the Robo V.I.P bot by Roboland is exclusively operational on the Binance exchange.

What percentage of the capital will be allocated to each position?

In each position, between 3% to 7% of the capital will be allocated, utilizing variable leverage depending on the risk level of the acquired currency.

How much profit can we expect?

The profit rate of this bot fluctuates based on market conditions, and to date, it has ranged between 20% to 70% monthly.

What is the minimum investment required to utilize the bot?

There is no specified minimum capital for utilizing this bot; it solely depends on individual preference and each individual’s willingness to take risks. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that in any investment, the ratio of profit to capital is of utmost importance. Considering the subscription fee for using the bot and its profit yield, it’s economically sensible to say that employing this bot for capitals less than $16,000 is not economically viable.

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