Robo Phoenix

How intelligent is the Roboland trader bot?

Before entering each position, the bot fully measures the risk of the position. In a part of this bot’s algorithm, it is defined that if the transaction risk is high or if the percentage of failure is more than success in a position, the bot will not enter that position. Even in a period, due to the high risk of the market conditions, the bot may turn off and not place any order.

But as mentioned, the bot obtains and analyzes this information only from the chart and its data; And it is unaware of the world of fundamentals and its news, such as war and interest rates.

What is the solution to this situation?

One of the features that the Roboland Trader bot is that you can turn your robot off or on at any desired interval. So if you hear the news in the fundamental world that you don’t feel good about trading the market, you can quickly turn off the bot.

Other features of the Roboland Trader bot

The world of digital currencies is beautiful but risky, and the risk management of people is not the same. People’s risk management may not be the same as the bot’s default risk. We have provided a kill switch and virtual balance to manage the risk of different people.

What is a kill switch and how does it work?

You can define stop limit for your account. For example, you set 20 percent. This means that the condition for activating the kill switch is to lose 20% of your total account balance. Now the robot is constantly taking positions and doing various transactions in your account, and a kill switch condition may be established under the influence of one or more positions.

There are two ways to use the kill switch:

  • Manual mode: As soon as the condition is established, a message will be sent to you informing that the defined condition has been established and asks you what to do. Close all positions at the current price, cancel orders and shut down the bot? Or not.
  • Automat mode: As soon as the condition is established, the entire mentioned process will be executed automatically. This option is usually used in situations where you may not be able to view and manage through manual mode.

Kill Switch

compound interest

What is compound interest?

One of the amazing features of the roboland robot is to make compound profit in trades.

By using this feature, immediately after the first transaction, you can include your profits in your next transactions.

For example, if your starting capital is $2,000 and you make a profit of $50 after your first trade, the capital management formula will calculate the position size in proportion to $2,050 in subsequent trades, so you can benefit from more profits in trades.

Robo Phoenix Chart

Which exchanges are currently supported?

Roboland scalper bot is currently available only on Binance.

How much capital will be involved in each position?

Each position will be opened with 5% capital and using 20 leverage. In the case of martingale purchase, the robot will add 5% to the position size in each new step.

How much is the Average Monthly Profit?

The profitability of this bot varies depending on the market conditions, and so far, it has been between 40 and 100 percent per month.

How much is the minimum needed capital to use the bot?

There is no defined minimum capital for using the bot, and it depends entirely on each person’s personal opinion and risk management. But it would be best if you kept in mind that an essential principle in any investment is the amount of profit compared to the capital. Considering the subscription fee you pay to use the bot and the profitability of the bot, according to monthly reports and subscription fees, using this bot for a worth of less than 800 or 1000 dollars is not economically justified.